Bump S-nail v14.9.21 ("Tit escapes with a peanut"), 2021-01-21
[s-nail.git] / .gitignore
2019-03-07 Steffen NurpmesoMerge branch 'topic/SU'
2019-03-07 Steffen NurpmesoWarp .obj/mk-config.h to public mx/gen-config.h
2019-03-07 Steffen NurpmesoImport most basic skeleton of SU; use its POD and macros
2018-08-08 Steffen NurpmesoBuild system: $INCS was added too late to be recognized...
2017-07-01 Steffen (Daode)... Outsource some constants to new config.h; use mk-*...
2017-04-13 Steffen (Daode)... Merge branch 'topic/misconception'
2017-04-13 Steffen (Daode)... No underscores in files names (_only_ hyphen-minus)..
2016-12-31 Steffen (Daode)... .gitignore: adjust
2015-07-04 Steffen (Daode)... Merge branch 'topic/dotlock'
2015-07-04 Steffen (Daode)... Build system: add WANT_PRIVSEP (enabled by default)..
2014-01-30 Steffen (Daode)... .gitignore: ooops - objects were not ignored yet
2013-09-13 Steffen "Daode"... Merge branch 'topic/make1'
2013-09-13 Steffen "Daode"... Completely reorganize make(1) system
2013-06-08 Steffen "Daode"... .gitignore: add .cc-* (test output)
2013-02-10 Steffen "Daode"... .gitignore: update
2013-02-10 Steffen "Daode"... Merge branch 'topic/mime'
2013-02-10 Steffen "Daode"... Introduce compiled-in mime.types(5)..
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