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2021-01-16 Steffen NurpmesoREADME: changed from cgit to gitweb
2020-12-16 Steffen NurpmesoINSTALL,README: updates
2020-12-12 Steffen NurpmesoREADME on possible ML chang
2020-05-09 Steffen NurpmesoMore old awk things, and make releasable on old Solaris
2020-05-09 Steffen Nurpmesomk/make-release.inc: be nicer to old awks
2019-03-07 Steffen NurpmesoREADME: reorder git(1) section, and split it in two
2019-03-07 Steffen Nurpmeso(BWDIC!) VAL_PRIVSEP_USER -> VAL_DOTLOCK_PS_USER (and...
2018-10-02 Steffen NurpmesoREADME: tweak [c45d9b08]
2018-09-15 Steffen NurpmesoREADME: add docu for [80984e8c] (Paride Legovini)
2018-08-11 Steffen NurpmesoREADME: review
2018-02-16 Steffen NurpmesoREADME,THANKS: BSD Mail wanted "to replace", it did...
2018-01-27 Steffen NurpmesoREADME: we are back at Gmane.org!
2017-08-01 Steffen (Daode)... README: and .. download via ftp.sdaoden.eu
2017-08-01 Steffen (Daode)... README: oh, lists.sdaoden.eu also has (searchable)...
2017-07-26 Steffen (Daode)... README: fix The Mail Archive URL, plus
2017-07-16 Steffen (Daode)... make.rc, README: Mailman lists at lists.sdaoden.eu...
2017-07-01 Steffen (Daode)... Merge branch 'topic/tests.bunny.2'
2017-07-01 Steffen (Daode)... Rework test framework a bit, introduce [test-out] branch
2017-04-13 Steffen (Daode)... README: Add "Security record" section
2017-04-13 Steffen (Daode)... nail.1, README: new introducing abstract
2017-03-30 Steffen (Daode)... README: adjusted repository layout
2016-12-08 Steffen (Daode)... README: go away from Gitlab; hello, unagitated repo...
2016-10-17 Steffen (Daode)... README: section numbers
2016-09-27 Steffen (Daode)... README: new repo layout, etc.
2016-09-15 Steffen (Daode)... README: add The Mail Archive -- Gmane.org reduced to...
2016-09-15 Steffen (Daode)... All: whether with two h not one; don't "high"light...
2016-09-15 Steffen (Daode)... Merge branch 'topic/makefile-dev.2'
2016-09-15 Steffen (Daode)... Change make targets; add $MAILJOBS; don't track $DESTDI...
2016-09-15 Steffen (Daode)... README: use git(1) --single-branch (Mantas Mikulėnas)
2016-09-15 Steffen (Daode)... Merge branch 'topic/imap-drop'
2016-09-15 Steffen (Daode)... Finally: drop IMAP support!..
2016-03-26 Steffen (Daode)... README: update for v14.8.7 (oops) and v14.8.8
2015-07-30 Steffen (Daode)... INSTALL,README: style tweaks, review
2015-07-22 Steffen (Daode)... README: GitLab project URL changed
2015-06-15 Steffen (Daode)... README: add BSD mail author names and commit count
2015-04-28 Steffen (Daode)... README: fix grammar
2015-04-28 Steffen (Daode)... README: mirrored to GitLab.com..
2014-09-27 Steffen (Daode)... Merge branch 'topic/mandconf'
2014-09-27 Steffen (Daode)... INSTALL, README: adjust for mandatory options, plus
2014-07-12 Steffen (Daode)... README: tweaks
2014-06-10 Steffen (Daode)... README, INSTALL: mention [timeline] branch, updates
2014-02-22 Steffen (Daode)... README: parenthesise IMAP
2014-02-15 Steffen (Daode)... All: adjust my name
2014-02-10 Steffen (Daode)... README: mention [patches] branch
2014-01-30 Steffen (Daode)... README: better URLs
2013-10-19 Steffen "Daode"... README: thank you, GMANE.org!
2013-10-04 Steffen "Daode"... README: refer to s-nail-users@ instead of nail-devel@
2013-09-13 Steffen "Daode"... README: nits
2013-09-13 Steffen "Daode"... README: mention *crawl* branch
2013-06-01 Steffen "Daode"... README: nicer link representation
2013-02-10 Steffen "Daode"... README: mention online manual
2013-02-10 Steffen "Daode"... Update README (and rm Heirloom content, integrate AUTHORS)
2012-10-25 Steffen "Daode"... Merge branch 'topic/tail'
2012-10-25 Steffen "Daode"... Add snailmail, the heraldic animal
2012-10-25 Steffen "Daode"... README: stepi
2012-10-20 Steffen "Daode"... README: document *next* branch etc.
2012-10-06 Steffen "Daode"... README: tarball download, change branch description
2012-09-22 Steffen "Daode"... Support CONFIG-sets for make(1) invocation..
2012-09-22 Steffen "Daode"... INSTALL and README rework..
2012-09-18 Steffen Daode NurpmesoAdapt the »Heirloom mailx« program as «S-nail(1)»..
2007-01-03 grittermailing list requires subscription now
2006-03-04 gritterfreshmeat url updated
2006-03-04 gritter12.0 release as part of the Heirloom project
2005-11-22 grittercompiles on DragonFlyBSD
2005-07-13 gritter* When the From address was changed with '~H', the...
2005-01-08 gritter* If neither the 'sendcharsets' nor the 'charset' varia...
2004-12-12 gritterbuilt on NetBSD 2.0
2004-11-23 gritter* When the 'write' command asks for an attachment filen...
2004-11-06 gritterformatting fix
2004-11-06 gritterported to NEC UX/4800 and SUPER-UX (with thanks to...
2004-11-05 gritter* When an editor is invoked using ~e, ~v, 'edit', or...
2004-11-02 gritterOpenBSD 3.3 was reported to work by Simon B
2004-11-01 gritterREADME revised
2004-10-25 gritter* Very old versions of OpenSSL are now detected by...
2004-09-23 gritter11.8 release
2004-09-09 gritterFixes for changes in header command, and for collapse...
2004-09-05 gritterInitial revision
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