Bump S-nail v14.9.21 ("Tit escapes with a peanut"), 2021-01-21
[s-nail.git] / mx-config.h
2021-01-17 Steffen NurpmesoAdd VAL_ERRORS_LIMIT and *errors-limit*
2020-04-25 Steffen NurpmesoAdjustments for OpenSSL 3.0 (and cpp namespace cleanup)
2020-02-01 Steffen NurpmesoMerge branch 'topic/mle.bind.review'
2020-02-01 Steffen Nurpmeso(BWDIC!) MLE: split *bind-timeout* into *bind-inter...
2020-01-01 Steffen NurpmesoCopyright 2020
2019-12-29 Steffen Nurpmeso(BWDIC!) ~^: use shell-style expansion for arguments...
2019-12-29 Steffen NurpmesoIntroduce some *content-description-XY* variables ...
2019-12-29 Steffen Nurpmesomx-config.h: raise mx_ERRORS_MAX
2019-12-29 Steffen NurpmesoMerge branch 'topic/tests.bunny.5'
2019-12-29 Steffen Nurpmeso(BWDIC!) mx-test.sh: add t_reply; *quote*: always inject..
2019-07-27 Steffen NurpmesoColours/repitition count for error messages (Paul Vojta...
2019-07-27 Steffen NurpmesoMerge branch 'topic/pipes-kids-tios'
2019-07-27 Steffen NurpmesoDrop HSHSIZE, even though it is still used in accmacvar.c
2019-07-27 Steffen NurpmesoFurther detaching of termios related things
2019-07-27 Steffen NurpmesoDetach some stuff from mx-config.h
2019-07-27 Steffen NurpmesoDetach file (dot)lock interface to file-locks.h
2019-07-27 Steffen NurpmesoDetach dig-msg interface to dig-msg.h
2019-07-27 Steffen Nurpmeso(BWDIC!) Detach file stream and child handling to file...
2019-07-27 Steffen NurpmesoDetach random interface to mx/random.h
2019-07-27 Steffen NurpmesoAdd *line-editor-cpl-word-breaks* (yet restricted)
2019-03-07 Steffen Nurpmesomx-config.h: change n_SIGSUSPEND_NOT_WAITPID to 0 ...
2019-03-07 Steffen NurpmesoMerge branch 'topic/question-mark'
2019-03-07 Steffen Nurpmeso([BWDIC!]) Add new OPT_CMD_VEXPR and OPT_CMD_CSOP,...
2019-03-07 Steffen NurpmesoReintroduce ^From_ MBOXO with *mime-encoding*=8b (too...
2019-03-07 Steffen NurpmesoMerge branch 'topic/MX.SU'
2019-03-07 Steffen NurpmesoAlso warp s?size_t
2019-03-07 Steffen Nurpmeson_nodename(): ensure hostname is not empty (Jean-Marc...
2019-03-07 Steffen NurpmesoCopyright 2019
2019-03-07 Steffen NurpmesoDisable usage of O_NOFOLLOW again (Russell Bell)..
2019-03-07 Steffen NurpmesoMerge branch 'topic/SU'
2019-03-07 Steffen Nurpmesooops, forgot to provide+use UTF-8 version of Unicode...
2019-03-07 Steffen NurpmesoImport SU memory layer (shallow)
2019-03-07 Steffen NurpmesoMove NYD to SU code
2019-03-07 Steffen NurpmesoUse mx_ prefix for all HAVE_ things
2019-03-07 Steffen NurpmesoImport most basic skeleton of SU; use its POD and macros
2019-03-07 Steffen NurpmesoOne more step towards mailx: turn from flat to deep...
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