AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFiles
2022-01-20pcc, pcc-libs: drop: he has no real interest to fix itHEADmasterSteffen Nurpmeso7
2022-01-20pcc: 20211109 (care with that one!)Steffen Nurpmeso4
2022-01-20pcc-libs: 20220119Steffen Nurpmeso4
2022-01-20caledar: update binarySteffen Nurpmeso3
2022-01-20lynx-redux: 2.9.0dev.10Steffen Nurpmeso3
2022-01-20encfs: moved to contribSteffen Nurpmeso4
2022-01-20mawk-debian: removed: new Debian now uses Dickey's mawk!Steffen Nurpmeso4
2021-08-08lynx-redux: update to 2.9.0dev.9Steffen Nurpmeso3 squelch git messageSteffen Nurpmeso1
2021-01-26Remove dnsmasq-nodnssecSteffen Nurpmeso7
2020-12-30Remove what was moved to CRUX contribSteffen Nurpmeso57
2020-12-26qemu-x86x-arm-riscv: actually _do_ loose the dependencySteffen Nurpmeso3 oops, garbage collect git submodule(s are shit)Steffen Nurpmeso1
2020-12-26qemu-x86x-arm-riscv: update to 5.2.0, drop SDL depSteffen Nurpmeso4
2020-12-22bmake: add a patch to make $SHELL handling POSIX compatibleSteffen Nurpmeso4
2020-12-18nawk: update to 20201218, "fix for +-inf and +-nan handling"Steffen Nurpmeso3
2020-12-18pcc, pcc-libs: update to 20201217 (still no multibyte on Linux)Steffen Nurpmeso6
2020-12-18bmake: update to 20201212Steffen Nurpmeso4
2020-12-16tcc: update to 20201211Steffen Nurpmeso4
2020-12-16nawk: update to 20201208Steffen Nurpmeso3
2020-12-12bmake: update to 20201130Steffen Nurpmeso6
2020-11-05s-cdda-to-db: to v0.6.1Steffen Nurpmeso3
2020-11-05s-cdda: to v0.8.4Steffen Nurpmeso3
2020-10-31tcc: update to 20201031Steffen Nurpmeso3
2020-09-29tcc: update to 20200929Steffen Nurpmeso3
2020-09-29bluealsa: update to 3.0.0Steffen Nurpmeso3
2020-09-18dircproxy: added: an IRC proxy serverSteffen Nurpmeso4
2020-09-17usocks: added: detour network traffic through SOCKS5 proxySteffen Nurpmeso8
2020-09-08lynx-redux: update to 2.9.0dev.6 (SOCKS5 patch no longer needed)Steffen Nurpmeso4
2020-09-04dma: updateSteffen Nurpmeso5
2020-09-03signify, entropy-saver: removed: the former in core, the latter not neededSteffen Nurpmeso9
2020-08-22Many: change .signature to be CRUX backward compatibleSteffen Nurpmeso6
2020-08-22tcc: update to 2020-08-22Steffen Nurpmeso3
2020-08-22signify: appease J├╝rgenSteffen Nurpmeso4 /x layout changedSteffen Nurpmeso1
2020-08-16dtach: use a better ball nameSteffen Nurpmeso3
2020-08-15qemu-x86x-arm-riscv: update to 5.1.0Steffen Nurpmeso4
2020-08-13bluealsa: include DBUS configuration!Steffen Nurpmeso5
2020-08-08lynx-redux: ouch! Fix patch!! (Thorsten Glaser)Steffen Nurpmeso4
2020-07-31nawk: update to 20200731Steffen Nurpmeso3
2020-07-21dnsmasq-nodnssec: update to v2.82Steffen Nurpmeso3
2020-07-18signify: ate up!Steffen Nurpmeso4