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2022-06-16a_cmisc_read(): FIX previous: just be compatible to read(1) -r!HEADstable/v14.9stable/stablestable/latestmasterSteffen Nurpmeso1
2022-06-16a_cmisc_read(): FIX: if only byte of last field is $ifs, trim itSteffen Nurpmeso1
2022-06-08su_INLINE: eh no; give up, share detection with clang but for a thingSteffen Nurpmeso1
2022-06-08THANKS: Mingli YuSteffen Nurpmeso1
2022-06-08su_INLINE: gcc: only GNU specifics after -Og report by Mingli YuSteffen Nurpmeso1
2022-06-08mime.types: RFC 9239 says .js is {application->text}/javascriptSteffen Nurpmeso1
2022-03-26Bump S-nail v14.9.24 ("Black ships ate the sky"), 2022-03-26v14.9.24Steffen Nurpmeso4
2022-03-26NEWS: v14.9.24 ("Black ships ate the sky"), 2022-03-26Steffen Nurpmeso1
2022-03-26mk/make-release.*: drop preformatted manuals; Jörg is goneSteffen Nurpmeso3
2022-03-21n_iconv_open(): FIX: name normalization can fail!Steffen Nurpmeso1
2022-03-21mx_mime_display_from_header(): FIX previousSteffen Nurpmeso1
2022-03-21mime_fromhdr(): FIX crash in crafted mail (since ~2013)..Steffen Nurpmeso1
2022-03-18su_cs_dict: check_resize(): grow > not >= (0 count balance() should not alloc)Steffen Nurpmeso1
2022-03-18su_cs_dict: fix assign() memory leak in !OWNS case (since "port": v14.9.12)..Steffen Nurpmeso2
2022-02-19a_main_doc_dump(), main(): sort after long options in --long-helpSteffen Nurpmeso1
2022-02-14THANKS: Jesse AlamaSteffen Nurpmeso1
2022-02-14mime.types: move .xsl from xml to xslt+xml (Jesse Alama)Steffen Nurpmeso1
2022-02-08Fix brain-damage in former; it was late :(Steffen Nurpmeso1
2022-02-08a_termios_sig_adjust(): fix "unshare -f mailx" ^C<RET>^C crashSteffen Nurpmeso1
2022-02-033dd2f43372f112b77cd125416b01f6170a0a4899 was not complete!Steffen Nurpmeso1
2022-01-27ps-dotlock: call setgid(), too (actually Paride Legovini)Steffen Nurpmeso1
2022-01-27main(): work nicely with argc==0 (after reading CVE-2021-4034)Steffen Nurpmeso1
2022-01-24mx_smime_split(): fix *FILE** "return" upon error return..Steffen Nurpmeso1
2022-01-22mx_fs_open_any(): FIX !fs_file_load() crash (since nail 10.08, 2004-06-28)..Steffen Nurpmeso1
2022-01-18make-release.sh: update_release_hook(): fix "nail.1: creating ASCII cat1"Steffen Nurpmeso1
2022-01-14Reproducibility detection a_main_setup_vars() -> a_main_startup()..Steffen Nurpmeso1
2022-01-13FIX/tweak previous, add a_imap_res__untagged() (Madou Mad)Steffen Nurpmeso1
2022-01-13THANKS: Madou MadSteffen Nurpmeso1
2022-01-13mx_socket_write1(): better handle ERR_INTRSteffen Nurpmeso1
2022-01-13imap_response_parse(): stop overbalancing untagged responses (Madou Mad)Steffen Nurpmeso2
2022-01-11mx-test.sh: change UTF-8 locale order AGAIN!Steffen Nurpmeso1
2021-12-31FIX MTA args after -- for non-send-only mode!..Steffen Nurpmeso3
2021-12-30Fix expandargv=restrict (since 2017-01-15!)..Steffen Nurpmeso1
2021-12-16mk/make-release.inc: try to use tar(1) --format=pax (Paul Eggert)Steffen Nurpmeso1
2021-11-13mk/make-release.txt: mention key steffen.ascSteffen Nurpmeso1
2021-11-12mk/make-release.sh: fix UPLOADSteffen Nurpmeso1
2021-11-11Bump S-nail v14.9.23 ("Tits look ahead for winter"), 2021-11-11v14.9.23Steffen Nurpmeso4
2021-11-11NEWS: v14.9.23 ("Tits look ahead for winter"), 2021-11-11Steffen Nurpmeso1
2021-11-11INSTALL: v14.9.23Steffen Nurpmeso1
2021-11-11mk/make-config.sh: avoid false message concatenationSteffen Nurpmeso1
2021-11-11n_folder_mbox_prepare_append(): fix it on SunOS (Jörg Schilling, RIP!)Steffen Nurpmeso1
2021-11-10*pipe-TYPE/SUBTYPE*: support explicit type-markers (Noctambule)Steffen Nurpmeso3