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14 dayss-postgray.c: a_server__log_stat(): correct black CNAME (size) lookHEADmasterSteffen Nurpmeso1
2022-06-09s-postgray.{8,README}: nits; it is Message-Transfer-AgentSteffen Nurpmeso2
2022-06-07s-postgray: v0.7.0Steffen Nurpmeso3
2022-06-03s-postgray: add --focus-sender approachSteffen Nurpmeso3
2022-06-03s-postgray.c: a_server__gray_load(): ensure minimum key size (hmm)Steffen Nurpmeso1
2022-06-02s-postgray.c: add a_PG_AVOPT_CASES macro to henceforth avoid option missesSteffen Nurpmeso1
2022-06-02s-postgray.c: FIX: fix real-life server command line only -b,-B (test mode ok)Steffen Nurpmeso1
2022-06-02s-postgray.c: FIX: -v, -p in SETUP_MASK, reload did thus not work!Steffen Nurpmeso1
2022-06-02s-postgray.c: *_F_*_MODE -> *_F_MODE_*Steffen Nurpmeso1
2022-05-14s-{cdda,postgray}.makefile: add EXTRA_{C,LD}FLAGS mechanism (Stuart Henderson)Steffen Nurpmeso2
2022-05-13s-postgray.8: note a bit files are loaded in serverSteffen Nurpmeso1
2022-05-12README: "tweak" s-cdda-to-db entrySteffen Nurpmeso1
2022-05-11s-cdda-to-db.pl: fix: user_confirm() is in global spaceSteffen Nurpmeso1
2022-05-05s-postgray: add --msg-{allow,block,defer}; OBS --defer-msg; man: sortSteffen Nurpmeso4
2022-05-01s-postgray.README: add THANKS (for Joachim Lindenberg, Matus Uhlar)Steffen Nurpmeso1
2022-04-26s-postgray.8: talk about postconf(5), *_error_limit; more linksSteffen Nurpmeso1
2022-04-21README: point to Jason Donenfeld, this likely the end of entropy-saver.c isSteffen Nurpmeso1
2022-04-09README: different notion of what is somewhat usefulSteffen Nurpmeso1
2022-04-09btrfs-snapshot.sh: report pipe error without set -o pipefailSteffen Nurpmeso1
2022-04-07btrfs-snapshot.sh: review; nicer shifts; more modern shellSteffen Nurpmeso1
2022-04-07s-postgray.README: do the same as for .8Steffen Nurpmeso1
2022-04-07s-postgray.c: a future ideaSteffen Nurpmeso1
2022-04-07s-postgray.8: say some more what it is (some humans)Steffen Nurpmeso1
2022-04-04s-postgray.8: doc tweaksSteffen Nurpmeso1
2022-04-04s-postgray: --test-mode: simply output a valid resource fileSteffen Nurpmeso2
2022-04-04s-postgray: fix previousSteffen Nurpmeso1
2022-04-02s-postgray: tweaksSteffen Nurpmeso2
2022-04-01s-postgray: tweak a few oddities, and note an observationSteffen Nurpmeso2
2022-03-31s-postgray: v0.6.0, to be releasedSteffen Nurpmeso4
2022-03-30s-postgray: fix braino last; "handle" CLOCK_REALTIME adjustmentsSteffen Nurpmeso2
2022-03-30s-postgray: add some statistics, and step it; proposed v0.6.0Steffen Nurpmeso5
2022-03-29s-postgray: some doc changes; tag logged decisions for easier searchingSteffen Nurpmeso2
2022-03-26s-postgray: fix overzealous fortify; some fixes; v0.5.0Steffen Nurpmeso2
2022-03-26s-postgray: add server-queue, drop CLIENTS_MAX; tweaksSteffen Nurpmeso4
2022-03-25s-postgray.c: some tweaks/fixes; add delay-progressiveSteffen Nurpmeso5
2022-03-24s-postgray.c: FIX brain damage previous; --list-values was wrong!Steffen Nurpmeso3
2022-03-24s-postgray.c: fix --list-values errorSteffen Nurpmeso1
2022-03-24s-cdda*: manual tweaksSteffen Nurpmeso4
2022-03-24s-postgray: keep gray DB frozen; tweaksSteffen Nurpmeso3
2022-03-23s-postgray: add manual; v0.4.0!Steffen Nurpmeso4
2022-03-23s-postgray: + --once; + two-pass gray cleanup "force"; tweaks; - debugSteffen Nurpmeso3
2022-03-21s-postgray.c: tweaks; and call fsync(2) when saving DBSteffen Nurpmeso3