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2021-06-18Complete PERL5OPT removal started ;( in previousHEADmasterSteffen Nurpmeso2
2021-06-18Skip old habit: no more $PERLOPT, use POSIX::setlocale()!Steffen Nurpmeso2
2021-01-16test.sh: add another testSteffen Nurpmeso1
2021-01-16Copyright 2021, we now use gitweb not cgitSteffen Nurpmeso2
2020-05-20Tweak -h output and suchSteffen Nurpmeso1
2020-05-16S-Web42 v0.9.3v0.9.3Steffen Nurpmeso2
2020-05-16Fix bug in previousSteffen Nurpmeso1
2020-05-16Allow Assignments ?include? to affect input checksumSteffen Nurpmeso2
2020-05-15Add ?include? directive for Assignments sectionsSteffen Nurpmeso3
2020-05-15test.sh: add a mechanism to cleanup yet keep bad diffsSteffen Nurpmeso1
2020-05-15Fix some ($x) -> (defined($x)) to handle "0" strings :(Steffen Nurpmeso1
2020-05-14README: remove contradictionsSteffen Nurpmeso1
2020-05-14Ctx:: rename readline_assignments() to readline_raw(), what it isSteffen Nurpmeso1
2020-05-13Better approach (object-base) for Ctx:: output FD lifecycleSteffen Nurpmeso1
2020-05-12s-web42: style again, and contradictionsSteffen Nurpmeso2
2020-05-12s-web42: fix VERSION, actuallySteffen Nurpmeso1
2020-05-12Adjust copyright for 2020, style tweaksSteffen Nurpmeso4
2019-07-19Tweak false indentation which slipped in in previousSteffen Nurpmeso1
2019-07-19<^> expansion now everywhere (?!), with test.v0.9.2Steffen Nurpmeso3
2019-04-19README: forgot to increase version number (again!?!)Steffen Nurpmeso1
2019-04-19Add WHITELIST variable mechanismv0.9.1Steffen Nurpmeso2
2019-04-19config.rc,header: use new better <^> expansion, support trees with one templateSteffen Nurpmeso3
2019-04-19Improve expansion of <^> constructs in arrays (within other PIs)Steffen Nurpmeso3
2019-04-18Update copyrights for 2019Steffen Nurpmeso2
2019-04-18test.sh: ensure config file assigments can be overiddenSteffen Nurpmeso1
2019-04-18Tweak error message: say how many arguments were seenSteffen Nurpmeso2
2019-04-18Add support for empty <?defa?>rraysSteffen Nurpmeso3
2019-04-18Support empty variables in assignment blockSteffen Nurpmeso3
2018-11-08 AlpineLinux perl(1) has no diagnostics in baseSteffen Nurpmeso1
2018-06-02header: add <meta name="viewport">, seen on some OpenBSD listSteffen Nurpmeso1
2016-10-24Bump S-Web42 v0.9.0, 2016-10-24v0.9.0Steffen (Daode) Nurpmeso1
2016-10-24Tweak <?mode?>Steffen (Daode) Nurpmeso2
2016-10-24New styleSteffen (Daode) Nurpmeso1
2016-10-24New perl(1) prefers inner subs over gotosSteffen (Daode) Nurpmeso1
2016-10-24Compress and uuencode via perl(1): no more external programs neededSteffen (Daode) Nurpmeso2
2016-10-24FIX <?mode?>: it lost ~Filter::FILTER_MASK bits..Steffen (Daode) Nurpmeso1
2016-10-22Revert [3efe1e4], _that_ was the bug..Steffen (Daode) Nurpmeso1
2016-10-20Forgot to adjust version numberSteffen (Daode) Nurpmeso1
2016-10-19Bump S-Web42, v0.8.9, 2016-10-19v0.8.9Steffen (Daode) Nurpmeso1
2016-10-19Bugfix! Or, at least that is what i think today, it may..Steffen (Daode) Nurpmeso1
2016-10-17Bump S-Web42, v0.8.8, 2016-10-17v0.8.8Steffen (Daode) Nurpmeso2
2016-10-17config.rc: oops, one more WWW -> WWW_{PREFIX,SUFFIX} missSteffen (Daode) Nurpmeso1