pcc, pcc-libs: drop: he has no real interest to fix it
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3 days ago Steffen Nurpmesocaledar: update binary
2020-03-04 Steffen Nurpmesocalendar: update to 2020-03-04
2019-08-06 Steffen Nurpmesocalendar: fix Leah's incomplete last commit
2019-07-19 Steffen NurpmesoMany: adapt self-describing github.com download URLs...
2019-07-16 Steffen NurpmesoNotational
2019-06-12 Steffen Nurpmesocalendar: update to 4838441e614ec385b5eef284555b1f6bfed...
2019-05-30 Steffen Nurpmesocalendar: added: (Open)BSD calendar, with FreeBSD data...
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