CRUX-Linux ports

Steffen's CRUX-Linux ports

A few ports for  Crux-Linux that i miss, and that i did not want to move over to the CRUX contrib repository once i was given access. These are verifiable with my  Signify public key. The ports can be accessed through the usual  Crux port drivers, namely  httpup (ports/stenur.httpup) and  git(1) (ports/stenur.git). The git version can be browsed online at ../browse/crux-ports.git/.

calendar BSD calendar;  OpenBSD program (via Leah Neukirchen), and  FreeBSD database files; do cd && touch calendar && calendar.
lynx-redux lynx, the text mode browser. Like contrib/lynx, but somewhat stripped down (can be installed concurrently).It also has a SOCKS5 proxy support patch (via -socks5-proxy).

Copyright (c) 1997 - 2021, Steffen Nurpmeso <>
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