See how the rude wind bore me


Nothing much to say around here.

It may have happened in the past.

It'll possibly happen again in the future.

See how the rude wind bore me!

I used to love more women - and get more love from them, of course.

I used to have a lot of more fun!

I used to live somewhere where it is hot and beautiful cats appear in your garden because it's a nice place to be.

I really like nice motorbikes, by the way!
Borile Scrambler and Cafe Racer, Moto Guzzi V7 II Stone/Special, Bellagio, Sport (and pre-2013 California), Triumph Bonneville or Scrambler, Norton Commando SF, air-cooled Bimotas and NCRs and air-cooled Ducati Classic GT (pre-2012). Royal Enfield Bullet and Interceptor. And yes, even the russian Ural bikes, the Harley-Davidson 72 and the BMW nine-T. You get the idea.

And i love music. Mostly classical music, and so-called "world" music, and electronical music. And.. Cabaret, Rock, Jazz. Music. To me artists and composers are the most valuable kind of humans — those who generate the most «value» that is (of course there is Buddha, but that is not what i feel). Now this: i love the  Tiger Lillies and used to love  Georg Kreisler even after his death (quite a couple of persons have to suffer this ubious honour). And i have found some internet radio stations worth listening to (append a -t alsa or whatever your device is):

I terribly miss a «world music» radio, with Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Mongolian, African, South-american but also Tuareg, Balkan etc. traditional music. And not only «traditional» — why not sometimes something like «Hwehwe Mu Na Yi Wo Mpena» from K. Frimpong & His Cubano Fiestas?

With a real turquois ocean in front of me.
With real green mountains behind my back.

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